“Gina is all about getting people to become stronger, more empathetic, and passionate leaders. Her insights in connecting people’s values with their communications and their teams resonates with those she coaches. Gina’s heart and dedication to make people better and more confident communicators takes people to the next level.”

Thomas Bagwell
Executive Vice President, Marketing and Training
Peterson Trucks

“Gina Steele is a gifted coach. She knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. Her calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you're making mistakes. She is always encouraging and positive. I have had the pleasure of being taught by Gina both during a Train the Trainer workshop and a Lead by Inspiring Others workshop. If you want to improve your skills quickly, hire Gina.”

Drew Patterson
Senior Trainer / Consultant

"Gina has had a wonderful influence on my life. She has transformed me and I continue to enjoy the benefits years after her coaching. Gina is gentle but firm in the way she pushes you to grow, which is helpful if you are nervous, anxious or doubting yourself. She is a positive coach who uplifts you and pushes you to do better out of excitement. She is well educated, has incisive comments, and puts a lot of thought behind what she says. Gina is observant and acknowledging of your thoughts, feelings and behavior and knows what to do to push you to the next level. Gina has helped me grow as a leader, communicator and human being. I am confident that she will help you grow and get to the next level, so definitely give her a call."

Fatima Shaikh

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